Top Five Wednesday: Fandoms you are no longer in

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So I am trying to get back into blogging (despite having little to no spare time and being constantly exhausted after work – wish me luck!) and my favorite feature has always been Top Five Wednesdays!

This weeks top five is ‘Fandom’s you are no longer in” which is a tricky one! Do the fandoms we love ever truly leave us? Aren’t they with us, always? (Harry Potter fandom 101).

Anyways, I have picked five fandoms which I used to be entirely obsessed with and now have slight or only nostalgic interest in.

5. The Hunger Games

I was a very big fan of The Hunger Games when it was all the rage. I read and re-read and re-read the books and I watched the movies twenty f92890251addf6d2d5b733e561b7c034times over (except the last one, I didn’t even honor that one with a DVD purchase).

While I do still love The Hunger Games, and it brings back awesome memories (and I will still probably watch the movies) I don’t think I will ever be picking up the books again. For the simple fact that I have outgrown them and I have so many fandoms still to discover.

4. Throne of Glass

9781408872895I was massively into the Throne of Glass series. And I admittedly do still read the new releases when they come out. The difference is that I now find more in the books that I dislike than what I do like. Does that make sense? I LOVED the first book. I loved Celaena’s character and her take no prisoners attitude. The story has now come so far away from what it originally was and the characters are almost unrecognizable, not just physically but in their demeanor, their ethics and their dialogue.

To me this is a series that is, in my sad opinion, being dragged out to make more money (I know, I’m a cynic, more on this later.)

3. Supernatural spn133

Not a book but I was a raving supernatural fan a few years ago. I would squeal  at anything even remotely exciting happening in the show. I was head over heels in love with Dean (Sam lovers I’m sorry but you’re wrong.)

The story lines started to get more and more repetitive, and how could they not be when going into their twelfth season now? I started to wish someone would just stay dead for a change of pace. And that is when I knew my love for the show had ended.

2. Vampire fiction (does this count as a fandom?)

the-drake-chronicles-the-drake-chronicles-21692597-316-486In my teenage years, like many other people of my generation, I went through a distinct paranormal phase. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, demon hunters – the whole shebang. A few of the series that I adored are: The house of night series, The Drake chronicles and I can’t remember any more. My kindle is literally jam packed full of them (I would never delete a book).

I have very much moved on from this obsession and struggle to find anything on my kindle worth reading since everything I downloaded on there was from this annoying stage of my reading life. Maybe I should donate it to a teenager in desperate need of a paranormal romance addiction?

1.Harry Potter mv5bmty2mtk3mdq1n15bml5banbnxkftztcwmzi4nza2nq-_v1_uy1200_cr9006301200_al_

No, no, no, I am NOT saying that I do not still love everything and anything about the original Harry Potter fandom. I am still very much a Potter head. So maybe this one is a bit of a cheat?

BUT I do feel very removed from the most recent Harry Potter fandom developments. It took me months to get around to watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (I liked it – didn’t love it) and have no real excitement for any further movies in the series. I was absolutely mortified by The Cursed Child (may we never mention it again). And I haven’t bought in to the screen plays and companion books. For me I guess it did all end with that last movie. I was happy with that ending. It was a bittersweet goodbye but I was satisfied.

I’m gonna say it.

It’s all become a very large money making corporation. And the Harry Potter fandom that I consider myself a part of does not approve.

So those are my top five! Feeling a bit emotional about all the fandoms lost now if I’m honest! Let me know any thoughts in the comments and if you take part in Top Five Wednesdays link your blog!

Abby ❤



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