Review: Stars by Malorie Verdant

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Title: Stars

Author: Malorie Verdant

Rating: 4/5 Stars

I cracked out my good old kindle to read Stars by Malorie Verdant. I was in a major reading slump and needed something to snap me out of it. I saw talk of this on instagram and started the hunt for my charger.

I really enjoyed this book, I finished it in one sitting and was really engrossed in the story. At one particularly important part (I won’t spoil-it’s massive) my boyfriend started to try to talk to me and I had to shout at him to go away, oops.

I mostly read fantasy but every so often I find a real life book which I really enjoy. Now correct me if i’m wrong but I think this is classed as new adult? Basically (and this isn’t spoiling its in the synopsis) a girl has crushed on/obsessed over the boy next door since she was five. The story follows them to college and has a pretty typical bad boy, good girl plot which I am a sucker for. There’s also an element of shady family in the form of  a dodgy dealing father, which I am also a sucker for.

The main characters are Parker and Grayson. Parker is actually become one of my favourite female characters! She’s kind of shy and awkward in a real kind of way, not in a quirky way (see: I hate manic pixie dream girls) but is actually pretty bad ass when she needs to be. She doesn’t change her self at all for Grayson and doesn’t take any possessive crap that he throws her way once or twice. Yeah, I don’t love Grayson, but Parker more than makes up for it (plus he’s pretty hot too, you know in my imagination.)

This is a really great read, I 100% recommend if you are a fan of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

Abby ❤



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