My Bookstagram Peeves

Discovering bookstagram for the first time was mind blowing for me. I stumbled upon a place where thousands of people from all over the world share their love of books, give recommendations and make friends. For the first time I could be completely myself, book nerd and all.

But (and there is a but) there are some things about being on bookstagram which really peeve me. Peeve is the perfect word because these things don’t exactly make me punch-the-wall angry, they are more of a mild annoyance.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually punched a wall in anger, do people do that in real life?

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5. Real Life Friends

When, despite having absolutely no connections to my other social media accounts, (different email addresses!) people from my real life find me! I don’t understand the internet enough to know how it happens but I once noticed a like on one of my posts from a friend of my mothers who I haven’t seen in over ten years! I don’t want her to be able to find my
book nerd world, it’s mine!

The solution to this has unfortunately been to block these people from this particular account. Now I’m sure my real life friends would never judge me negatively for my book photos but I’m not sure they would understand either.

So, internet, if you’re listening, I’d like to keep my real life and my book-loving life separately. Thank you.

  1. Bad Internet

When my connection is too slow to upload photos. I live in Western Australia and the internet is so, so slow sometimes. I take a photo, I want to upload it and all I get is that heartbreaking ‘failed’ over and over again resulting in me walking around waving my phone around to get better signal. These are sad times.

See also: when my boyfriend is playing an online game, I start to upload and his game freezes… then I’m in trouble!

3. Super accounts asking for shout outs

So I have nothing against shout outs, they are awesome and it is honestly so nice when people recognize and appreciate other accounts enough to encourage other people to follow them. However, sometimes my feed is flooded with shout outs for one account. When I click on the said account I see thousands of followers but like 300 following?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel this isn’t proper participation in the bookstagram community spirit. If I want all my followers to give me shout outs, you better believe I’m going to show my appreciation by following those accounts back.

2. Bookstagram drama

I think this is a bit of a contentious one (I spelled that right first time, pat on the back for me). By drama I mean when someone realizes an account has posted their photo and haven’t given proper credit. This generally leads to a witch hunt of sorts to get the accused to properly credit.

Now, the reason that this bothers me, is that Instagram is a photo sharing platform. As soon as you sign up, set your account to public and post your first photo, you are accepting that it’s accessible to everybody. There is no rule that people have to give credit. Sure, it would be a lot nicer if they did but this isn’t a perfect world.

  1. Attention Demanders

By this I mean, people that say they want to ‘get rid of ghost accounts’ by making sure everyone goes and likes their last photo/five of their photos/all their 795 photos. Humph.

I try my best to take time to like the posts of people that I follow. But I also have a job. If I sometimes miss posts or don’t give a like or a comment to a post, does that mean I’m less of a valued follower? Would the person rather I unfollow them so that I’m no longer a ‘ghost’?

As a side note, people that ask you half way through a conversation if you will go like some of the posts. I’m not much of a rebel but this makes me stubbornly not like any posts.




So that was basically me going off on a bookstagram rant. I love to rant, sometimes you just need to grab a glass of wine and rant away. I could probably go on but I will leave it at a nice round five and hopefully not seem like too much of a crazed maniac.

I would love to hear your Bookstagram peeves! Let me know in the comments and if you want to be friends on bookstagram I am @toinfinityandthebookshop

Abby ❤



3 thoughts on “My Bookstagram Peeves

  1. I totally agree with #3!!! One other thing that peeves me is when people follow me because they see that I follow back bookstagram accounts then after I follow them they unfollow me! So annoying…


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