Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone!

So first off, thanks for checking out my blog – just the fact that someone might be reading this blows my mind!

My name is Abby and I’m a 24 year old self-confessed bookworm (or book dragon as we prefer to be known these days). I am originally from Yorkshire but have relocated to the West Coast of Australia so there has been a distinct weather change!

My main literary love is fantasy, both adult and young adult, but I also massively enjoy reading classics, some historical fiction and the rare contemporary. My reading journey started before I can remember, with me taking the opportunity to read anything put in front of me (I once terrified my Nannan when she found me a few pages into ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ as a child) but I think the obsession really set in with the discovery of Harry Potter. Yes, I am a complete Potter head and it may be unhealthy, but so be it!

My main aim with this blog is to share my love of reading, through reviews of books that I read, book tags and lists, book hauls and I hopefully will be participating in ‘Top Five Wednesdays’.

I would be happy to accept books for review, whether a physical or e-book copy and will always give my honest opinion on the book. My genre preferences are young adult, fantasy, thriller and contemporary. Just drop me an email at toinfinityandthebookshop@gmail.com or connect with me on instagram.

I also have an instagram page dedicated to taking bookish photographs so if you would like regular updates, check that out through the link at the bottom of my home page!

Thanks again for being here!





5 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

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